Job Description :

Top Skills Required:

 -7 years of Experience in Information Technology (Required)

 -5 years of experience in hands on experience with Active Directory (Required)  

 -5 years of experience with hands on experience implementing security best practices (Required) 

-3 years of experience with the ability to think through complex problems and develop solutions not listed as requirements.

-3 years of experience developing & designing proof of concept and/or prototypes.         

-3 years of knowledge and understanding of security vulnerabilities         

-3 years of hands on experience with hardening benchmarks such as CIS

 -2 years of experience working with cross functional teams.

The ability to communicate clearly in a concise manner to both technical and non-technical associates.  The candidate will work within all levels of the SOM. Ultimately, this senior level resource will be responsible to assist the Michigan Cyber Security Team to drive results.

Specific Resource Tasks:

? Collaborate with other departments within the IT department to resolve open risks

? Recommend and follow remediation strategies to completion.

? Implement and recommend CIS Controls benchmarks where possible

? Implement best practices for current Active Directory implementation

? Collaborate with Security Architects to implement new processes, guidelines and best practices

? Gather and analyze data to present recommendations, identify action plans and track to those to


? Collaborate with the Security Operations Center to gather data for analysis and response planning

? Continue to stay current on IT security trends and news and communicate with team members and


? Research, evaluate, document and discuss findings with IT teams and management

? Review various findings to provide recommendations to deliver security fixes and improvements

? In-depth knowledge of security issues, techniques and implications across all existing computer

platforms required

? Strong analytical, problem solving, and consulting skills with knowledge of Information Security

? Ability to create high quality and comprehensive documentation and related artifacts

? Ability to work both independently and within a team environment



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