Merger or Acquisitions may be one of the best ways to grow the company in an exponential way. The typical term M&A used to refer the consolidation activity of companies. Merger is a activity of combining two companies and form a new company. Sprint and Nextel merged together and created Sprint Nextel Corporation. Acquisition is the purchase of one company by another company; an example will be CSC - Covansys Acquisition.

Since we work with hundred’s of tech companies and reaching top level executives, our team may be able to provide you a lead for your merger and acquisition activities. If you are interested in selling or buying any IT consulting or Services Company in USA or India or Asia, please submit your Inquiry with your complete contact details. Your information will be kept highly confidential and will not be released to any potential lead without your authorization. We can facilitate the deals for companies worth of $1 Million to $100 Million. We will connect you with potential buyer or seller or approved M&A firms who may be interested in helping you for a referral fee.