Job Description :

REMOTE SAP Order to Cash Test Lead
Duration: 4 months +
Location: Plano, TX
Pre-Qualifying Questions:
1. Have you participated in an SAP ERP implementation project?
2. Have you participated in testing?
3. Have you created test case scripts?

•    Accounts Payable (FI- AP), SAP FI
•    Accounts Receivable (FI- AR), SAP FI
•    Jira or another Agile tool.
•    Test lead experience
•    SAP Order to Cash
•    Project Management & Coordination

SAP Experience
• SAP Functional Expertise in areas of FICO, Order to Cash
• SAP Functional expertise with Order to Cash experience with at least 1 project in the recent 2 years Testing Experience
• 3 years’ experience:
                o Functional Testing
                o Experience driving/managing execution of test plan with SIT and UAT testers
                o Testing packaged applications (ideally SAP or other ERP systems)
                o Working in Agile Testing environment Responsibilities.
• Analyze User Stories to understand testing requirements
• Create, manage, and execute a test plan
• Sequence test cases to optimize efficiency
• Create and manage test data via tools like Zephyr
• Analyze existing test cases
• Develop and execute test cases
• Execute manual test cases
• Integrate effectively with scrum teams
• Connect and develop trusted relationship Scrum Product owners
• Conduct daily meetings with testers and report metrics to the Project leadership team
Strong communications skills; deliver accurate and concise statements verbally and in written form.
Efficient organization skills
•    Attends and prepares to daily testing meetings.
•    Makes sure the team is always represented.      
•    Takes relevant notes.                                    
•    Limits input to important subjects – relevant to the team
•    Shares applicable content of daily testing meeting scrum team members.
•    Maintains a planning, pro-active mind-set:  Looks for information, brings solutions to problems, thinks ahead.
•    Actively participates in vertical scrum stand-ups to raise key testing issues, updates, and tasks.
•    Adheres to testing-related deadlines and raises concerns if not achievable.
•    Manages Test Analyst:  delegations, follow-ups, deadlines, identifies opportunities to mentor/correct behaviors, etc.
•    Fosters relationships with Product Owners, Test Coordinators and other key scrum team members.
•    Participates in program-wide meetings and absorbs all program-wide communications – raises questions when unclear.
•    Intends to solve questions or issues within scrum teams prior to escalations.
•    Fully understands and utilizes Testing Tool and other project tools:  Zephyr, Confluence, SharePoint, Power BI Reports,
•    MS office, etc.
•    Notifies Product Owner and Toyota Test Lead of planned vacations AND documents in SharePoint (All resources).
•    Responsible for other ad-hoc, miscellaneous tasks as related to testing planning and testing execution.
PREPARATION/ PLANNING FOR TESTING:                             
•    Leads/initiates collaboration with scrum team members to understand business processes/ custom designs.
•    Involves Test Coordinator in all requests for information from scrum teams.
•    Responsible for creation all test scripts in scope, leveraging functional specs, JIRA stories, and collaboration with
•    scrum teams
•    Responsible for 100% User Story traceability to test cases.
•    Leads/ initiates discussions necessary to complete the Test Data Plan (template), including cross-functional.
•    coordination, muck-cutover needs, legacy data needs/coordination.
•    Responsible for Test Case Plan creation:  test case scenarios, cross-functional coordination, test sequencing,
•    tester assignments, test week assignments
•    Responsible for loading of test cases into Zephyr/ repository/ plan/ execution
•    Responsible for obtaining written approval of individual test cases and Test Case Plan from Product Owners
•    and/or their delegates.
DURING TESTING:                                                           
•    Monitors FUT completion to determine readiness for testing (daily dev e-mails, JIRA, etc)
•    Plans and leads vertical-specific kick-off meetings, setting expectations about the vertical plan, use of
•    security Test IDs, use of Test Data Plan, tester involvement, Zephyr, Confluence, etc.
•    This is in addition to general, program-wide kick-off.
•    Leads Daily SIT/UAT meetings with testers:  daily progress, metrics, daily plan coordination with testers, defects.
•    status, blocks, etc.
•    Sends Daily SIT/UAT meetings notes to above audience.
•    Fosters relationships with key testers.                   
•    Leads daily conflict/issue/defect resolution and corresponding testing/blocking coordination.
•    Responsible for daily monitoring and coordination of defect status and block status
•    Responsible for daily updates of block status/reasons in Zephyr
•    Responsible for daily monitoring of Zephyr updates by testers:  correct test status, notes, attachments, etc.
•    Responsible for updating/correcting test cases if necessary.
•    Test Plan
•    Test Cases
•    Test Tracking


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