Job Description :

This role is responsible for installing, maintaining, upgrading, and continuously improving the Company’s operating environment while maintaining the ongoing reliability, performance and support of the infrastructure. This includes monitoring the operating environments, responding to incidents, problems and planning for growth.


Infrastructure Engineers deploy the release of new technologies as well as design, install, configure, maintain, and perform testing of PC/server operating systems, networks, and related utilities and hardware. Additionally, this role’s responsibilities include troubleshooting problems as reported by users, supporting Web access and electronic messaging services and maintaining a secure systems environment.



1.        Significant and recent experience with Microsoft Azure in both an infrastructure and application context.

2.        knowledge of standard operating procedures and policies related to the network, security systems, server and storage infrastructure.

3.        Significant and recent experience at working with Terraform

4.        Significant experience with DevOps and CI CD using Azure DevOps Pipelines and Repos.

5.        Experience with Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD and associated technologies

6.        Strong, proven experience with BASH and PowerShell scripting for administration and automation, working with APIs, Microservices in Kubernetes, maintaining infrastructure in Windows and RedHat servers.

7.         well versed with methods to the protect company data and systems through the use of security solutions, backups, redundancy and disaster recovery solutions

8.        Investigates and analyzes resource utilization and prepares reports and metrics, making appropriate changes to optimize the infrastructure and provide the highest possible level of performance and security.

9.        Maintains up-to-date technical knowledge and understanding of network, security systems, servers and storage infrastructure.


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