Job Description :
We have a job available, please check the below requirement and let me know if you comfortable with the requirement, reply with your availability and updated resume.
Position:: Mobile Developer
Location:: Dallas, TX or Plano, TX
Duration:: 6-12 months
Interview:: Phone/webex
Job description:

Required Experience:
NOTE – Since project is related to Mobile development so please share the profiles for all positions with Mobile Experience. For developer role, a strong C# resource with Mobile experience would be ideal. Xamarin exp in addition would be the perfect match

Must Haves - Xamarin, iOS, Android , Strong .net C# programming
Note : Candidate has to pass the peer programming test in the first round of interviews

Mobile Application Developer- $70/hr
4+ years of experience developing high-complexity applications
Deliver code to implement the requirements, as defined for the sprint
Leverage Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and reactive principles where appropriate
Work with Automated Test & UI developers to ensure high-quality, tested, working features
HTTP knowledge, Fiddler traces
Take UI & automated test tasks, as needed

o Learn, adhere to, and enforce PepsiCo standards & best practices
o Deliver the highest quality designs & code for the project
o Participate in SAFe team ceremonies (daily stand-up, planning sessions, etc
o Provide estimates for tasks
o Provide progress updates to team while working tasks
o Research and troubleshooting issues in QA and production
o Implement all ReSharper feedback that is “Warning” level and above. There are a few case-by-case exceptions to this; the PepsiCo Architect will provide guidance.
o Adhere to SOLID principles
o Adhere to Microsoft’s API Design Guidelines
o Adhere to the Command Query Separationprinciple
o Leverage the principles of Design by Contract(DbC)
o Leverage the Clean Architectural style for layering, decomposition, and dependency validation
o Leverage Dependency Injection to decouple components
o Leverage Domain Driven Design principles and patterns where appropriate
o Provide complete software comments for public interfaces, classes, structs, enums, and methods including: abstraction descriptions, exceptions thrown, and verbiage augmenting codified DbC specifications.
o Eliminate duplicate code
o Code/design should be decoupled/modular/composable to facilitate extraction of any potentially reusable code as a mature common component.
o All forms of serialized data should be versioned to help ensure a smooth migration path as the software matures/evolves.
o Classes should be organized within the project as vertical slices of functionality instead horizontal abstraction types (i.e. PrecisionOrdering and PhysicalInventory instead of Views and ViewModels
o Good usage of reactive design.
o Adhere to the Composed Method style of functional decomposition where possible.
o Leverage reactive data streams to explicitly model changing data as first class citizen.
o Leverage Event Sourcing model to preserve separation between remotely-source data and device-sourced data throughout data synchronization.
o Leverage State Machines to govern progression of subsystems/objects/workflows through allowed states via declared triggers.
o Embrace Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery using robust automated build pipelines that automatically execute static code analyzers, design analyzers, unit tests, and integration tests.
Technical Skills
o C#
o Xamarin.Forms
o SQLite
o Reactive Extensions
o Azure DevOps

Have a wonderful day ahead! :)
Ankit Kr. Singh
Xchange Software Inc
10 Austin Avenue, Iselin, NJ - 08830.