Job Description :

Job Title: Help Desk 1 - 2nd Shift

Location: Dimondale, MI

Duration: 6 Months

Note: Selected candidates need to be on board Onsite. They need to pick their on- boarding documents and equipment manually. No expenses will be paid for travelling

Job Description:

Years of Experience:

1 to 4 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

Job Description:

This position is responsible for initiating Incidents for Client Critical Business Functions. Manages Medium, High, and Critical Incidents, including triage and assessment of impacted systems. Escalates Incidents to tier II for Major Incident investigation. Notifies and escalates to support teams using Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 12. Sends Communications Matrix Notifications using SOP12-2 for High and Critical Incidents. Monitors server and network system monitoring tools and responds appropriately to alarms. Monitor the environmental equipment (Generators, UPS, PDU, Air Conditioning and buildings water supply) to ensure their proper operation. Complete documentation of how the problem/issue was uncovered, who it affected, and the steps taken up to and including the final solution. Monitor the security equipment and situations to ensure their proper operations and report all issues/irregularities to the proper organizations/persons. Track and monitor security concerns. Complete documentation of how the issue/irregularity was uncovered, who it affected, and the steps taken up to and including the final solution. Monitors system resources (e.g. processor, memory and input/output) to ensure that Service Level Agreement performance criteria are met and that system resources are not being over-utilized by one customer. Opens trouble tickets and assign to the appropriate support group. Grants physical access to hosting centers both locally and remotely. Administers established security policy for physical access to the (2) Hosting Centers. Executes programs and jobs on the mainframe computers utilizing an operator display terminal. Controls production utilizing Automated Scheduling Systems to ensure that jobs are completed in the time required by the customers. Responsible for tape library functions including pulling and hanging tapes for production, test batch processing, managing off-site storage and logging user input tapes as needed. Prepares and submits status reports detailing system operations. Reads, comprehends, and complies with email messages in timely basis. Uses communications tools appropriately to receive and disburse information. Answers and makes phone calls as necessary. Communicates statuses using tools such as trouble tickets, status boards, broadcast messages and status reports. Reviews the Change Management Forward Schedule of Change and updates Requests for Changes (RFC s) as needed, when requested by the change builders.

Required/Desired Skills

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix


Years of Experience

Overall IT Experience

Communication (1 - 10)

Work cooperatively with others in a team environment to meet the expected levels of customer service.

Ability to operate information systems input devices.

Ability to conduct training and informational sessions.

Ability to understand and follow detailed written and oral instructions.

Ability to explain instructions and guidelines to others effectively.

Ability to communicate effectively.

Knowledge of data communications networks.

Knowledge of the methods and techniques used to operate mainframe computer systems and peripheral equipment

Ability to identify and resolve problems associated with operating system malfunctions.

Ability to key in coded information and instructions.

Ability to determine work priorities.

Ability to perform the most complex information technology technician assignments.

Ability to work under stressful conditions.

Ability to use Microsoft Office products

Experience working in an Enterprise Monitoring Environment

Experience with computer room environmental and/or Help Desk

2nd shift ONLY for this opportunity.


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