Job Description :
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Job Summary:
Team member for the Dealer to Dealer Trade application and inventory services, supporting Dealer Transfers, Lincoln. com, and Dealer web sites.
· Candidate will work closely with other developers, UX designers, business and systems analysts for the implementation of back end data processing.
· Maintain and upgrade existing systems.
· Additionally, Candidate will performance tune existing database objects - Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, and SQL statements to ensure optimal performance

Essential Job Functions:
· Create tables, Views, indexes for support of development
· Identify areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications
· Writing and implementing efficient code
· Ensure database optimization, integrity, consistency, security and privacy.
· Providing support, guidance and collaborating with Application Developers to implement database design, and review developer’s work to ensure correct implementation.
· Create scripts to build new database objects.
· Develop stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers and views using T-SQL.
· Assist with schema design, code review and SQL query tuning.
· Participate in SQL code reviews, write and deploy SQL patches, and gain a deeper understanding of mirroring and SQL clustering.

Other Responsibilities:
· Ability to work with a team in an Agile environment; Candidate can address bugs with QA, plan schemas with engineering, and respond quickly to other business needs.
· Knowledge and know-how to troubleshoot potential issues, and experience with best practices around database operations.
· ETL experience is a plus.
· Highly organized and self-motivated with the ability to prioritize projects, meet deadlines, and make room for emergencies, as needed.

Minimum Qualifications and Job Requirements:
· 5 -7 years of SQL expertise.
· 3+ years working as a database developer, database engineer or in a related role.
· Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
· 2 or more years of handling a database environment of more than 300GB, with strong data analysis and analytical skills.
· SQL server administration experience, including knowing the basics of running Microsoft SQL Server — users, permission, backups, recovery, monitoring, and more.
· Ability to create SQL reports.

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