Job Description :

Business Analyst with data engineering experience

Location: Dallas, TX




Years of Experience

Last Year Used

Business Analyst


data engineering



Job Description:


1.      Able to use & implement the right tools and processes

 Able to Use TFS to track the overall progress made by the team to meet commitments

i.     User TFS metric charts to track overall progress (example: burn down charts)

ii.     Use TFS to monitor number of stories and features in the backlog.

iii.     Make sure the user stories are accurately estimated in TFS before the iteration planning and after iteration planning is completed.

iv.     Monitor inflight capacity and timesheet tracking on a daily basis and explain discrepancies to management.

b.      Has the potential to conduct impact analysis on different projects across EDS teams.

i.     Facilitate team collaboration across teams by actively facilitating discussions  where teams are dependent on each other

ii.     Discuss impacts at the EDS scrum meetings

iii.     Take ownership of follow ups from the impact analysis

iv.     Track impacts from point of identification to point of closure

c.      Should Complete Change Management and Release Management deliverables following a documented process

i.     Ability to prepare CR and ensure all required approvals are secured on time

ii.     Accurately submit CR’s on time. (CR must require a review from the RM for accuracy).

d.      Can Execute on processes – EDS- IT processes

i.     Facilitate scrums. Keep the team focused on answering the 3 questions.

ii.     Clear roadblocks that impact the team

iii.     Open up WAR rooms based on need.

iv.     Complete Release Management responsibilities as assigned

v.     Consistent completion of all PMO deliverable as required.

e.      Find areas of process improvements and help implement the process changes or new best practices. 


2.      Able to Deliver Results- Get the job done


a)      Keep the team focused on priorities agreed to with the business. 

b)      Must be able to provide risks and risk mitigation strategies, and assess impacts to the timeline.

i.       Must be discuss options when it comes to delivery timeframes. Example: use additional resources to bring in the timeline.

ii.      Must be able to quantify impacts using metrics.

iii.     Must take ownership of risk and issues, and bring to closure. 

c)      Take ownership of environmental issues that are serving as roadblocks to the team during execution of the projects.

d)      Need to educate other teams on user stories or features that could impact them.  Provide guidance to other teams on possible impacts on a continual basis.

e)      Must be able to negotiate with the business on last minute change to requirements 


3)      Do it the right way- Provide leadership and communicate well 

a.      Build a cohesive self- managed team by providing good leadership. Bring closure on internal team conflicts without involving management. Contribute to positive morale.

b.      Should be able to explain data flows from source systems to target systems

c.      Get team members to complete tasks on time without being a task manager (Servant Leadership). Identify dependencies on work that cross internal teams as well as external teams

d.      Proactively inform Senior Management on project or program status without being prompted to do so.

e.      Able to comfortably speak with executive level or technical coworkers on requested functional changes to the system. Manage expectations with the leadership team.

f.       Ability to conduct discussions with stakeholders with confidence and demeanor, even when things are not going well.

g.      Must be able to offer options to circumvent concerns from senior leaders.  (Managing Senior Leadership)

h.      Backfill on BA duties, QA duties  and Production Support where required (Servant Leadership)

i.       Complete all demos required throughout the iteration process when BA is not available (Servant Leadership)

j.       Facilitate iteration planning sessions

k.      Step up to take ownership on issues that are impacting multiple teams. Provide leadership to other Project managers, leads and team members in bringing closure to issues impacting several teams.


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