Job Description :
Xamarin iOS Developer Plano, TX Contract ?? ONSITE FROM FIRST DAY ?? The mobile app developer is responsible for Xamarin iOS app development and UI design. Works closely with Azure developer to meet project requirements. ?? DUTIES: ???? ?? ?? ?? Create a native iOS mobile app with WebView on iOS device (iPhone). ???? ?? ?? ?? The app must have elegant UI design to engage user to interact with the apps more often. ???? ?? ?? ?? The app is able to collect user input data and third-party device data (such as via iWatch and body sensors) using SDK and through API calls (for the sensors that only provide cloud API). The data needs to be saved in database on the local device and also uploaded to Azure cloud in real time for data analytics and processing. ???? ?? ?? ?? The app must be able to use the ML models and analytics on the user input data and collected data from the sensors in real time and follow a decision tree workflow to provide the user with results, feedback and recommendations. The app is also able to receive and display the analytic and processed results coming back from Azure cloud in real time and provide the user with feedback and recommendations. ???? ?? ?? ?? The app needs to have a WebView which interacts/syncs with Azure cloud, renders Azure web service on the local device, and allows user to log into their accounts to view and manage their data. ???? ?? ?? ?? The apps must meet security requirements and best practices such as OAuth 2.0. ?? QUALIFICATIONS: ???? ?? ?? ?? Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or other related technical field. Master's degree in a technical field preferred. ???? ?? ?? ?? Over 5 years of Xamarin iOS mobile app development and experience with C#/ASP.Net and tools such as Blazor.?? ???? ?? ?? ?? Over 5 years of iOS UI design experience. ???? ?? ?? ?? Over 2 years of experience with Xcode. ???? ?? ?? ?? Experience in developing iOS apps with Azure service. Familiar with Azure APIs. ???? ?? ?? ?? Experience in using SDKs.?? ???? ?? ?? ?? Demonstrated foundation in Computer Science, with competencies in data structures, algorithms and software and UI design. ???? ?? ?? ?? Proficient with bug tracking, like JIRA. ???? ?? ?? ?? Experience with code configuration management tools like BitBucket, Sourcetree, etc. ???? ?? ?? ?? Solid verbal, written, and interpersonal skills with ability to effectively communicate at multiple levels in the organization. Excellent communication and relationship skills, especially the ability to articulate advanced technical topics to non-technical individuals. ???? ?? ?? ?? Ability to leverage and/or engage others to accomplish projects. ???? ?? ?? ?? Ability to contribute to multiple projects/demands simultaneously. ???? ?? ?? ?? Ability to work both within a team, and independently, in a fast-paced, changing environment.

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