Job Description :

Postgresql Developer
We are seeking a self-directed, motivated, talented SQL Developer to develop PLPG/SQL queries and procedures. You will be responsible for designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability and performance.

Remote Minimum Requirements.

· Implement and maintain database code in the form of stored procedures, scripts, queries, views, triggers, etc.

· Implement effective and maintainable database coding practices that form an architectural foundation.

· Work with product managers to ensure database code meets requirements.

· Work with data analysts to ensure database code is accurately documented.

· Participate as a member in Agile teams, and work with other team members to review user stories, estimate effort to build functionality supporting user stories, and participate in sprint reviews.

· Analyze existing SQL query and PLPG/SQL code for performance improvements.

· Develop functions, SQL statements in PLPG/SQL and stored procedures to maintain business logic.

· Design relational logical data models and their physical schema design.

· Make design enhancements to the database schema, dictionary and normalize data into a consistent schema to accept new data types.

· Refactor existing database models to scale.

· Investigates, troubleshoots and corrects data and user related system errors and ensures data integrity.

· Working knowledge of Data Warehouse (e.g. Athena, Amazon Redshift or similar Data Warehouse technologies) is a plus.

· 2 to 4 years of experience as a SQL Developer or similar role.


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