Job Description :

Below are the job details:

Job Title : UI Developer

Location: Bellevue WA(only local)

Duration : Long Duration

Direct Client 



·       Experience developing an enterprise application using a modern javascript framework like VueJS or React

·       familiar with JS framework components

·       understand the difference between mutable and immutable state.

·       experience with Single Page Application (SPA) routing

·       comfortable implementing VueJS Bootstrap 5 components

·       embrace accessibility compliance by checking contrast ratios and using aria labeling.

·       Able to build and modify Babel and Webpack distributable

·       Comfortable with ES6 arrow functions and how they differ from normal functions.

·       Python programming preferred.

·       JSON objects (Javascript and Python) handling and parsing

·       Exposure to Linux and version control usage, perf GIT

·       Able to setup development environment

·       Good troubleshooting skills


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