Job Description :
Symfony Full Stack PHP Developer
Location: Salt Lake City – HQ
Onsite or remote: 100% remote – They will fly and pay for lodging, should they require an in person visit.

This is an Integration Developer needing Symfony Full Stack PHP. The symfony piece is really important (not sure if candidates put that on resumes They also need React Native with Android Development experience (this goes hand in hand They will also need a little AWS experience on the database. This should not be too hard to find.

What they do:
Provide man power tracking for large commercial job sites within the construction industry
Access controls and equipment set up
Handle worker/employer scanning and time keeping specifications
Track productivity and automate process

VeriWolf has developed the first algorithm to automate the entire process on finding cost codes and track productivity in the construction industry.
Current project that is due on the 15th of this month is to push data from AWS and integrate to ProCore (gold standard for construction)
Just landed a large global account – Uni Space – (Will need to scale and hire up to 10 people)

Robert needs Developers. They have a couple of applications currently on Java script and react native for mobile.
CMIC Canada plans to acquire VeriWolf and Robert wants to make sure this goes smoothly and according to plan by bringing on a solid citizen who can hit the ground running.

Must Haves:
Symfony Full Stack PHP
React Native - He wants to rewrite and convert all their data in RN
Proficient in building android S codes
Can manage and handle escalated HTTP calls
Java Script
Integration to Android (Mobile Apps)
AWS Certification on Database

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