Job Description :
Role: Sr Software Engineer(API)
Location: Irving, TX
Duration: 12+ Months
* Executes full product life-cycle (inception through deprecation) to create highly scalable and flexible RESTful APIs to enable an infinite number of digital products.
* Collaborates with other Engineers, Creative/UX designers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Business Analysts and Architects.
Required Experience:
* Experience with python server development using Django, Flask, or other python frameworks
* 10+ years industry experience
* Ability to write unit-tested and maintainable code
* Expertise working with and building RESTful APIs
* Expert in Python API development.
* Knowledgeable in cloud platforms (preferable AWS: both traditional EC2 and serverless Lambda), micro-services architecture, CI/CD solutions (including Docker), DevOps principles, message queue systems, and background task management.
* Experience with API security frameworks, token management and user access control including OAuth, JWT, etc.
* Solid foundation and understanding of relational and NoSQL database principles.
* Ability to work in an Agile /SCRUM environment.
* Well organized with a bias for action with minimal direction.
* A team player with a start-up/entrepreneur mindset.
* Ravenous about learning technology and problem solving.
* Strong writing and communication skills.
* Understanding of OOP and Data Structures and know when to apply them in daily coding scenarios
* Message queues (RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, etc)
* Background task processing (Celery, etc)
* Experience configuring container like systems (Vagrant, Docker, etc)
* Basic understanding of modern web components (HTML/CSS/JS)
* Ability to self-organize with minimal guidance/competing priorities and work effectively within a team
* Ability to provide innovative, creative solutions to tasks/problems
* Ability to complete work following engineering standards and best practices
* Develops clean, elegant, well-commented, and very reusable code which is easy to maintain and extend
* Understanding of caching strategies and implementation (Redis, Memcache, etc
* Working knowledge of source control systems such as (Git, SVN, etc)
* Working knowledge of serving high scale HTTP(S) protocol (Nginx, Apache, etc
Bonus Points:
* Experience writing APIs for multiple platforms (Web, Mobile App, etc
* Experience with additional languages such as NodeJS, PHP, etc.
* Understanding of Big Data platforms and ETL in the context of Big Data
* Expertise working with Hadoop/Distributed platforms
* NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Couch, etc
* Experience with modern front-end frameworks and tools (webpack, yarn, gulp, grunt, angular, react, sass)
* Experience with BI reporting software
* Experience with high throughput infrastructures
* Expertise with Linux and deployment schemes using a configuration management tool such as Ansible / Puppet / Chef / Salt
* Knowledge of constructing PostgreSQL and SQL query strings and fine-tuning them for performance
* Familiarity with WebSocket connections

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