Job Description :

Position assumes responsibility to lead the effort of implementation of Video Quality analytics SDK on multiple clients / platform (Mobile, WEB, CE, STB, etc).
This role will include but not limited to the following responsibilities:
- Providing requirements and track execution in JIRA.
- Collaborating between all stakeholders – DEV / QA / Product owners / etc explaining requirements and priorities.
- Creating dashboards and participate in bug triages identifying priority items and managing backlog tickets.
- Provide QA support if needed, debug and provide missing or addition information.
- Establishing KPI thresholds for the main video quality parameters.
- Creating dashboards, reports and alerts using Splunk.
- Analyze data from the Market and Test environment and provide feedback to DEV and QA.
- Identifying data ambiguities and working on constant service improvements in terms of reporting, processes and performance.
- Presenting data to all stakeholders and defending improvements or degradations of services.
Must have:
- Splunk (power user min).
- Business analytical skills (Writing and communicating requirements at all levels)
- QA experience (all platforms, debugging, logs, etc)
- Video domain knowledge (VQoE / VQoS)


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