Job Description :
Job Title:  Site Reliability EngineerLocation:  Primary  location: Allen, TX, Secondary location: San Jose, & costa Mesa - CAProject Description:Ascend Sandbox is an integrated BigData and analytics product. Our customers, some of the America''s largest financial institutions, use this platform to understand consumer credit behavior and build models for credit decisioning, marketing and account review purposes. We are looking for a problem solver with can-do attitude who takes extreme ownership of his/her work and demonstrate camaraderie with the fellow team members. We are looking for an expert site reliability engineer with in-depth knowledge on BigData analytics & public cloud platforms to help us run this peta-byte scale BigData platform and provide the best possible experience for our customers.Job DescriptionMust Have skills: Please see highlights• Solid knowledge on Unix operating system (any flavor of Unixbull; Decent knowledge of networking fundamentals (TCP, HTTP(S), routing and network security) on any public cloud platform, preferably AWS• Experience managing large BigData clusters in production (at least one of Cloudera, Hortonworks, EMRbull; Experience managing BigData clusters with compute decoupled from storage (Eg: S3) on public cloud platformsbull; Expert knowledge on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Hadoop YARNbull; Decent knowledge of various Hadoop file formats like ORC, Parquet, Avro etcbull; Deep understanding of Hive and Spark compute engines• Ability to understand query plans and optimize performance for complex SQL queries on Hive and Sparkbull; Hands on experience supporting Spark with Python (PySpark) and R (SparklyR, SparkR) languagesbull; Experience building and managing tools/services to measure and monitor everything that matters on a BigData platformbull; Experience working with Data Analysts, Data Scientists and at least one of these related analytical applications like SAS, R-Studio, JupyterHub, H2O etcbull; Able to read and understand code (Java, Python, R, Scala), but expertise in at least one scripting languagebull; Experience managing JVM based applications in productionNice to have skills:• Experience with workflow management tools like Airflow, Oozie etcbull; Solid experience with overall metrics, monitoring & observability function and productsbull; Experience with at least one Infrastructure As Code tools, preferably Terraformbull; Experience with at least one configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet etcbull; Decent programming skills in Java or Python (preferably Java• Prior working knowledge of Active Directory and Windows OS based VDI platforms like Citrix, AWS Workspaces etc.