Job Description :
Software Asset Manager Responsibilities of the Software Asset Manager and his/her delegates include but not limited to: 1. Manage and monitor the IT Asset Repository for Software Assets 2. Track and capture any change on Software Assets (deployment, lost or stolen etc in the IT Asset Repository 3. Validate periodically The IT Asset Repository data accuracy and investigate discrepancies. 4. Check the IT Asset Repository to determine whether existing Software can be re-used to fulfill a request 5. Update the IT Asset Repository ticket (request, incident, change ticket etc with Asset status (assigned, procured, deployed etc 6. Determine capability to inventory Software Assets 7. Help define alternative procedures if Software cannot be inventoried with current toolsets 8. Assess the impact of any major change on the Software Assets and discuss findings with appropriate stakeholders 9. Define how Software harvesting should be performed and track the harvested Assets in the IT Asset Repository 10. Coordinate Software disposal Tasks include: 1. Update/close RITM for software requests 2. Evaluate if license is available by checking stock status 3. Entitlement process/License Assignment 4. Validate software license creation 5. Create/Update Software Models 6. Create Standard Catalog 7. Receive PO Release and Invoice and perform 3-way match 8. Validate software discovery 9. Provide Software Inventory and license compliance-related reports 10. Update/maintain ITAM repository for accurate inventory count resulting from the 13 SAM processes 11. Evaluate License Usage and harvest unused licenses Skillset: 1. Expert at ServiceNow SAMPro 2. Understand software licenses product use rights 3. Knowledge of Catalogs 4. Knowledge of ServiceNow workflows