Job Description :

 Job Title: Service Now Governance, CSDM

Location:Detroit - MI

Skill Description :8+ years in ServiceNow, Governance, APM, CSDM

Job Description: 

ITSM , ServiceNow , Governance, APM , CSDM - Experienced.

  1. Enhance Governance from enterprise level for all Software , SAAS , PAAS ,EUC , Devices, wearable, IOT etc.
  2. Build process for technology lifecycle like Research , GA , exception, retire etc.
  3. Build governance processes so Rationalization and visibility is in the DNA.
  4. Improve underlying foundation as well-oiled machine.
  5. Build Self Self-Serve where possible.
  6. Automate with workflows
  7.  Dashboard and reporting needs z
  8. Help Integrate

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