Job Description :

Job Title: Senior .NET Backend Engineer

Location: Remote

Position Type: Contract

Job Description:

Project Objective:
To find opportunities to make a current application more scalable, performant to handle large volumes of data. Current application is a monolith. It is very CPU & memory intensive. The goal of this project is to find ways to:
Breakup the application to be able to scale individual portions of it independently without hampering the user experience.
Offload some of the in-memory calculations down to database level.
Use alternative data models, data structures.
Use alternative execution platforms. Analyze existing .NET Framework MVC application to find opportunities to optimize performance, improve scalability
Refactor existing code to use modern .NET programming practices, for example implementing async/await patterns, asynchronous code execution out of the main process, migrating to .NET Core etc
Creating PoCs to evaluate new approaches / ideas
Running performance tests to identify the potential candidates to be promoted from PoC to Production
Integrating successful PoCs back into main codebase with necessary unit & integration tests
Current Tech Stack:
.NET Framework 4.6.1 / .NET Standard 2.0
Autofac Dependency Injection
Entity Framework
SQL Server Database on Azure
TypeScript/JavaScript Front End w/ JQuery, DevExtreme
Azure Cloud Services
Ideal Candidate:
Is a Senior .NET Backend Engineer
Must have experience working on both .NET Framework legacy apps and modern .NET Core apps.
Has 10+ years of experience
Has experience in building APIs using best practices
Has experience in writing unit, functional and integration test cases
Has experience in performance engineering is preferred
Has strong SQL skills (queries, stored procs, functions)
With data modeling experience is a plus
Has Azure experience with knowledge of various managed services that are available on Azure for running applications (ACI, AKS, App Services, Azure Functions)
Has Ability to learn new things quickly to try out new technologies / services on Azure.
Can write good technical documentation
Job Duties:
Analyze existing application and find opportunities to address the project objectives
Work with 2 other backend engineers
Quickly implement PoCs and document the findings to present to the client
Operationalize production ready ideas
Preferred working times: 8am - 4pm US Central Time for onshore candidates. For offshore candidates a good overlap up until 11am (and sometimes till 12pm) US Central Time is required.
Must be very responsive through the communication channels
Must be available during the working hours for ad hoc meetings / discussions


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