Job Description :
Job Title : Senior C++ Developer/Linux
Location : Dallas, TX
Duration: 12+ Months
Key skills: C++11 and 14 , Embedded Linux.
These are the skill set that we expect from the candidate.
Proficiency in C++11/14 - strong in OOP, data abstraction, polymorphism, STL, etc
Experience in Embedded Linux
Experience in Multi-threading, handling potential issues come from multi-threading.
Knowledge in Inter-process communication methods (Highly Desired)
Experience in socket programming & web service calls. (Desired)
Experience in Embedded system - tool chains & debugging (Desired)
Any video, Embedded UI experience (preferred not mandatory)
Platform development. Such as creating abstraction layers like HAL, Middleware API s, windowing systems, messaging etc
Good at using GCC (or) any other compiler tools to port functioning modules and drivers from one chipset (or) architecture to another.
Had experience working with OpenSource Chromium. Can compile and create a functioning browsers on any platform from chromium source. Has good understanding on chromium modules and their dependencies.
Experienced and good at C, C++, JS and has no problem adapting to new languages and functions as needed.
Experience with Full-Stack dev is a +
Knowledge and experience with Bluetooth, network programming and OSI models, Wifi and Wifi Direct.
Knowledge with DRM and content security along with knowledge in streaming formats and media players.