Job Description :

Role :  Senior Bigdata Developer

Location: Irving – TX

Skill Description    : BigData Validation, Apache Spark, Apache Nifi, Hive

·         Minimum 5+ years of experience in IT industry with 2+ years of experience in Big Data implementing complete Hadoop solutions along with Scala

·         Knowledge on complete Hadoop eco systems.

·         Good working experience in using Apache Hadoop eco system components like MapReduce HDFS Hive Sqoop Pig Oozie Flume HBase and Zoo Keeper.

·         Extensive experience working on Pyspark and Spark in performing ETL using Spark Core Spark-SQL and Real-time data processing using Spark Streaming.

·         Expertise in working with RDD’s DataFrames and DataSet API’s.

·         Performed importing and exporting data into HDFS and Hive using Sqoop.

·         Extensive knowledge in using SQL Queries for backend database analysis.

·         Strong knowledge in NOSQL column-oriented databases like HBase Cassandra and its integration with Hadoop cluster.


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