Job Description :
Job Title: Senior Application Developer (Software Developer in Operations)

Location: Plano, TX 75075

Duration: 6/12/36 Months

Interview Process: Phone/WebEx/Skype

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Build software to help operations and support teams - Proactively build and implement services to make operations more effective and reduce toil. This includes adjustments to monitoring and alerting to automating scripts and code in production. Candidate can be tasked with building a homegrown tool from scratch to help with issues in software delivery or resolving impacts from outages/incident.

· Fix support escalation issues; Optimize on-call rotations and processes - Improve system reliability through the optimization of on-call processes. Add automation and context to alerts – leading to better real-time collaborative response from on-call responders. Additionally, update runbooks, tools and documentation to help prepare on-call teams for future incidents.

· Document “tribal” knowledge - Gain exposure to systems in both staging and production, and take part in work with software development, support, IT operations and on-call duties – to build up historical knowledge over time. Instead of silo-ing this knowledge, ensure constant upkeep of documentation and runbooks to ensure that teams get the information they need right when they need it.

· Conducting post-incident reviews - Thorough and transparent post-incident reviews to keep teams honest and ensure that everyone is conducting post-incident reviews, documenting their findings and taking action on their learnings. Take action items for building or optimizing parts of the SDLC or incident lifecycle to bolster reliability of the service.

· Develop automation for mission critical applications using scripts, programs

· Provide customer impact analysis and troubleshoot complex issues using domain knowledge of Sales & Ordering flows, applications and downstream interfaces

· Support APIs in K8s environment

· Contribute to design and implementation of new system layers utilizing principles of high-complexity compute environments.

· Provide on-call support for Production customer facing issues

· Work with developers, environment teams to identify necessary resources and remove constraints to increase application availability.

Skills Required:

· Total IT:

· Java Development:

· Python:

· Shell scripts:

· Production Support / Operations:

· Docker:

· Kubernetes:

· Cloud environments:

· Unix:

· Networking and troubleshooting:

· Agile:

· Lean Agile/ Scaled Agile:

· Quantum Metric or TeaLeaf:

· Dynatrace:

· AppDynamics:

· Introscope:

· Kibana and Grafana:

· EFK stack (Preferred):

· Kubernetes Certified Engineer or equivalent certification (Preferred):

· Azure / AWS certification (Preferred):

· Site Reliability Engineering (Preferred)

Client : Telecom domain