Job Description :

Location Remote and need to work in EST zone.

Job Description:


A Scrum Master role, in broadest strokes, is part taskmaster, part organizer, and part manager; they ensure that the team follows their Agile framework, and work hard to eliminate any distractions or impediments to that particular goal. Your responsibilities include helping the product team deal with a backlog, to removing the team's external blockers to progress, to educating everyone on Agile and Scrum principles.

The Scrum Master acts as the protector of the team, making sure that everyone on the project, especially the development team members, can focus on their work without any distractions.

You will help the Product Owner & Product Manager in their efforts to manage the backlog and guide the team while facilitating a healthy team dynamic with respect to priorities and scope.

You will facilitate all Agile ceremonies for a team composed of Product Managers, Product Owner, Software Engineers, and Quality Assurance engineers.

Your role serves as a "servant leader" who spends much of their time helping other team members communicate, coordinate, and cooperate; generally, this person assists the team in meeting their delivery goals. As such, the Scrum Master regularly identifies and facilitates any training needs for the team or individual members.

The Scrum Master's role involves meeting team members where they are, with their individual strengths, and helping them deploy those strengths in achieving a shared objective. Therefore, this role requires someone who is willing to have tough conversations and to abandon his or her own agenda for the sake of project success.

You will support the team's efforts to continuously improve communications and relationships with other teams.

They frequently represent the team in the Scrum of Scrums (SoS), helping the team remain aware of opportunities to engage and improve program effectiveness.

They also often help the team build effective relationships with other teams.

- What You Will Do -

Function well in a distributed-team work environment which is always working remote.

Drive the agile team to meet committed work for each defined period while promoting and supporting effective agile practices.

Shepherds daily work activities and integrations with other teams as needed to complete the work .

Leads teams through work actions that can be completed within timeboxed iterations called sprints and tracks progress through various rituals and meetings. Facilitates and supports all scrum events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective.

Works with the team, also internal/external team, to resolve any dependencies to increase the effectiveness within the organization.

Coaches and supports the team to deliver important department initiatives.

Strive for adoption of identified best practices to push the maturity and stability of the agile team.

Meet organizational KPIs to promote outward exposure of team challenges and achievements.

Guides and coaches the team on how to use Agile practices and principles to deliver high quality products and services to our customers.

Recognize areas of strength and improvement and employing appropriate coaching and development techniques.

Recommend improvements and assist in change to best practices as needed.

Work assignments are varied and frequently require interpretation and independent determination of the appropriate courses of action.

Makes decisions regarding own work methods, occasionally in ambiguous situations, and requires minimal direction and receives guidance where needed.

Role in quarterly PI Planning - The Scrum Master has the same responsibilities at the macro level when it comes to planning to ensure the Product Owner and team are prepared for the event. The Scrum Master is also responsible for facilitating the flow and process of the team breakouts during this event.

- Required Qualifications -

Outstanding organizational skills

Great people skills + servant leadership skills: Excellent communication skills, leadership competencies, and high level of emotional intelligence More than 2 years of experience leading scrum team Experience working in an Agile environment or good familiarity with the Agile & Scrum methodologies Ability to analyze and think quickly and to resolve conflict. Demonstrating problem-solving and conflict-resolution ability Ability to work with minimum supervision in a very dynamic and timeline sensitive work environment. Self-motivation and ability to stay focused in the middle of distraction

Preferred Qualifications -

Scrum Master certification

Previous experience planning and managing large projects Knowledge of other project management methodologies Technical documentation abilities Advanced knowledge of Agile/Scrum/Kanban development methodology Experience in Healthcare IT preferred

Facility: Louisville, KY - Waterfront Plaza


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