Job Description :

Data Engineer  

Data Engineer should know Power BI and be able to develop and produce dashboard, someone who understand how to design creative dashboards

Job Summary:

  • Manages and coordinates with internal or external parties for the collection, compilation, normalization, and standard analysis of data assets across diverse projects and data platforms.
  • Develops, maintains, evaluates, and tests data solutions within an organization.
  • Develops and executes plans, policies, and practices that control, protect, deliver, and enhance the value and integrity of the organization's data and information assets and programs.
  • Collects, stores, processes, and analyzes raw and/or complex data from multiple sources, recommends ways to apply the data, chooses and designs optimal data solutions, and builds data processing systems, using expertise in data warehousing solutions and working with the latest database technologies.
  • Maintains, implements, and monitors the quality of the data and information with the architecture used across the company; reports on results and identifies and recommends system application changes required to improve the quality of data in all applications.
  • Investigates data quality problems, conducts analysis to determine root causes of problems, corrects errors, and develops prototypes, process improvement plans across all programs, and proof of concepts for the selected solutions.
  • Processes unstructured data into a form suitable for analysis, followed by collaborating with applicable parties to perform the analysis.
  • Integrates innovations and algorithms into the organization's data systems, working closely with engineering team.
  • Implements complex data projects with a focus on collecting, parsing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing large sets of data to turn information into insights using multiple platforms.
  • Decides on hardware and software design needs and acts according to the decisions.
  • Serves as a data subject matter expert, collaborates with business owners or external clients to establish an analysis plan to answer key business questions, and delivers both reporting results and insights.
  • Generates specific and operational reports in support of objectives and initiatives, and presents and communicates complex analytical data and results to appropriate audiences.
  • Build and maintain the Big Data pipeline for Data Scientists and other analytics experts to utilize.



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