Job Description :

Development Skills:

1) Must have development experience in Scripting with ScriptRunner. 
a. Understand what is and differences between a Listener, behavior, scripted field, job, script fragment, workflow post-function, workflow-validator, etc. 
b. Prior experiencing developing the above types of Scripts.
2) Expert employing “defensive programming” coding standard.
3) Java & Groovy scripting experience.
4) Expert in consuming and developing Restful APIs.
5) Comfortable with writing straightforward SQL queries and advanced SQL queries.
6) Experience troubleshooting and debugging small to large software applications, components, and utilities.
7) Create, configure and customize JIRA projects, workflows, screen schemes, custom fields, permission schemes and notification schemes to meet business needs
8) Knowledge of software development lifecycle; preferably with understanding of Agile Kanban/Scrum
9) JIRA features & its implementation knowledge like how to create user stories, how to link with an EPIC, what is sprint, project release etc.
10) Collaborate with application development teams including dev team question & answers, help debug code, provide explanations on why and how JIRA features are implemented in a certain way.
11) Ensure all code is testable, build unit tests, and work with quality engineers to develop integration tests


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