Job Description :

·         Manage Azure DevOps repos and branch policies.

·         Define and Implement the configuration of Azure PAAS and IAAS services for high availability data redundancy data loss prevention site recovery and resilience.

·         Define and implement the configuration of Azure PAAS and IAAS services for high throughput and scale with capacity planning load balancing strategies.

·         Define and implement the security architecture to ensure data security at rest and in transit application security key management identity management authentication and authorization with OIDC and OAuth2 infrastructure security with Azure VNets NSGs UDR etc.

·         Implement observability patterns using Azure Monitor Azure Application Insights and Log Analytics Workspace.

·         Azure CLI Powershell and ARM Templates Terraform.

·         Container platforms and tools Kubernetes Docker Azure Kubernetes Service Azure Container Service.

·         Azure Networking Azure Virtual Networks ExpressRoute Site to Site VPN NSG App Service Environment.

·         Azure DevOps configuration and management.

·         Azure PAAS Services Security and Provisioning Azure API Management Policies Azure App Service Event Hubs Service Bus Cosmos DB Azure SQL.

·         Identity Management Azure AD Azure AD B2C Open ID Connect 7 Cloud Security Azure Key Vault HSTS SSL TLS Ingress Control Certificate management Azure Security Center Threat Detection.

·         Cloud monitoring Experience with Azure Log Analytics Azure Monitor SysDig Application Insights.

·         Bachelor Degree Or Higher required.


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