Job Description :

CapB urgently needs a Release Manager at New Jersey.


Agile/Waterfall Hybrid releases

Release planning and coordination

Code promotion/release orchestration between dev to SIT, SIT to QA, QA to Pre-Prod, QA to Prod.

Experience with coordinating between testing and business sign off/approvals

Production readiness planning/coordination

Simultaneous release coordination (between BAU and Vulcan, example)

CAB experience

CMMI experience in relation to release management

Release strategy creation

Matrix lead experience

They will be helping to create the release management strategy that will cover both agile and waterfall types of delivery in a single or multiple releases.  This will include infrastructure and deployment coordination/implementations in preparation for the overall release. 

The strategy and in practice will include managing the promotion of code between the environments as a release. 

They will be the reviewer with Cab on the sign off by the business/approvers for the items being delivered

They will help with production readiness and that will be a component of the release.

The strategy will need to account for the coordination and alignment between the BAU releases and the Vulcan release

Working with cab and bringing ideas/options to better align the CAB with the release process

Understanding CMMI from a release perspective and including this into the strategy

Leading a matrixed group across towers and teams to implement

Working with established teams with less release management experience


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