Job Description :

Title:  Python Developer

Location: Irving, TX

Required Skills:

? Python 3

? Specific python technologies (pandas, airflow or luigi, sql alchemy, any etl tools are a plus)

? Strong experience developing reusable python libraries, creating/packaging modules of code and deploying libraries to an artifact repository for others to utilize, Strong documentation experience

? Intermediate to Strong AWS Experience - consuming kafka on aws (or kinesis), reading/writing to s3 buckets, monitoring application performance, deploying to ec2 and understanding the aws ecosystem

? Experience in VLDB, enterprise environments

? OS/HW: Experience in Linux/Unix open systems

? Strong written and verbal communication

? 5 years' experience

Additional preferred Skills:

? Experience with other common programming languages a plus (Java especially)

? Bachelor's in computer science or related fields

? understanding of architecting event oriented systems, message queue driven workloads, event sourcing

? SQL proficiency one or many (Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata)

Work Description:

? Participate in software development lifecycle and contribute to python libraries to automate, deploy and manage key data science related tasks

? Participate in frequent QA cycles around Enforce's data science python stack, occasionally participating in larger integration testing that may require multiple component testing

? Document and communicate code to team members and work with data science team to roll out new features to assist data scientists

? Understand code deployments and assist in setting up application monitoring and metrics to ensure successful production systems 


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