Job Description :
The Payments & Receivables Data Quality and Integrity Management role will have day-to-day leadership responsibilities to conduct oversight of a global effort to remediate multiple data quality and integrity issues in payment instructions for both domestic and cross border payments. In addition to the business related to Data Management governance; assessment of the data and P&R risk ratings, remediation (including reporting) and implementation of new processes. The role will also be responsible for identifying, anticipating, challenging and mitigating data errors that could impact business objectives.

The incumbent should have experience in payments & receivables product to understand client issues, define priorities, coordinate across regions, and agree with technology on the approaches and tradeoffs required when executing the remediation across multiple projects in the program.

Need Payment Domain Project Manager who has banking industry exp.

Key Responsibilities:

o Understand client data quality issues and define associated priorities

o Coordinate across regions and agree with O&T on approach, plan and tradeoffs to remediate multiple data quality issues

o Identifying, challenging, documenting, and where appropriate escalating risks

o Conducting analysis on emerging/potential issues.

o Providing value added feedback to the Technology and EOT and organization leads and the Payments & Receivables management staff.

o Coordinating with global core product development team, global product management and country/cluster/regional partners with clear roles & responsibilities, and shared goals and visions

o Responding to inquiries, supporting business in audits, and partnering with Risk, Compliance, Technology and other stakeholders.


Knowledge /Experience

· Understanding of payments and receivables processing and/or data management

· Knowledge of financial, compliance, regulatory reporting and end user computing

· Strong analytical & project management skills, good communication skills, knowledge of controls

Ability to:

· Develop strong partnerships across the organizations;

· Diffuse conflict and work toward agreement;

· Prioritize high impact potential problems effectively;

· Consider broad implications of decisions.

· Energy to marshal resources across regional and global product teams to agree on priorities

· Provide business context for interactions with compliance, and good project management skills

· Highly effective written and verbal communication skills.

· Innovative, well versed in developing new ideas and improving current processes.

· 10+ years of related industry experience.

· Bachelor's degree in related field.

· Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint.