Job Description :

Job Title: Process Architect IV

Location: Denver, CO

Duration: 12 Months

Pay Rate: 88 94$/hr on C2C/1099

Note: Selected candidates need to be on board Onsite. They need to pick their on- boarding documents and equipment manually. No expenses will be paid for travelling

Job Description:

2. The Contractor shall work closely and collaboratively with the Department's Project Manager throughout the duration of the Purchase Order to discuss suggestions or issues and incorporate guidance from the Department while performing the work described within this Statement of Work.

3. The Contractor shall alert the Project Director, when issues or potential risks are encountered that will affect the project.

4. The Contractor shall submit detailed status reports or participate in weekly status meetings as required by the Department during the engagement.

5. Contractor shall coordinate and prioritize all work to ensure that all deliverables and deadlines are met.

6. Contractor shall employ an internal quality control process to ensure that all deliverables are complete, accurate, easy to understand, and of high quality.

7. Contractor shall provide deliverables that, at a minimum, are responsive to the specific requirements of this Statement of Work, organized into a logical order, contain no spelling or grammatical errors, formatted uniformly, and contain accurate information and correct calculations.

8. Contractor shall submit each deliverable to the Department's Project Manager for review and approval.

9. Contractor shall retain all work papers generated for reference through the duration of the project and project acceptance.

10. Contractor shall participate in the review and revision process until the Department provides written acceptance of the deliverable.

11. Contractor shall research, document, and share any documentation as requested by the Department.

12. Contractor shall provide copies of any supporting documentation to the Department upon request of the Department and without charge.

13. Contractor shall assist the Department with planning, scheduling, and facilitating meetings within CDE; with other State of Colorado Agencies; and with other states, as needed.

14. Contractor shall serve as a subject matter expert (SME) and mentor for CDE designated employees.

15. Contractor shall respond to all telephone calls, voice mails and e-mail inquiries from the Department within one business day.

16. Contractor shall enable all Contractor staff to exchange documents and electronic files with the Department in formats compatible with the Department's systems. The Department currently uses Microsoft Office 365.

17. Additional consulting projects as requested by the Department.

SECTION 2.0 Provide expert data governance consulting services

1. Contractor shall join the SLDS project team and interview all players to understand their level of knowledge of data governance, and to understand the current data governance status and needs for the SLDS project.

2. All deliverables will be submitted in draft form to SLDS Project Director on the deliverable dates defined below. There will be 3 weeks allowed for CDE review and approval of draft plans. Plans are not limited to the plans defined below. There may be additional deliverables identified as the project progresses.

Required/Desired Skills

Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix


Years of Experience

Overall IT Experience

Communication (1 - 10)

Data Governance - Strong knowledge of data governance, data management best practices, and familiarity with statewide processes around data governance.


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