Job Description :

  App Inventory system: Collect host information and report any configdb database which is on Sybase.

·         Development part is done, planning to migrate the entire Sybase to oracle next year.

·         Looking for knowledge on Sybase and oracle basics. Not looking for DB Administrator on this team.

·         Help migrate any code – Perl programming (Sybase to Oracle ) , since its developed in Dev environment ( testing done). UAT & prod is not yet done.

·         Knows how to use the same Perl Libraries and connect to Oracle client.

·         Perl programming knowledge. How Perl entries are located.

·         There are two set of Perl libraries, when it’s a Red hat linux box – that comes with Perl libraries, one has to know what are the libraries to oracle or Sybase client.

·         Help in the migration project.

·         Has to work on perl programming/scripting. Need a hands on experience perl programming, shell scripting and basic Linux OS commands in Perl programming while collecting the data. (file system, CPU usage, RPM packages, read the data, replace the data) ftps to Sybase servers

·         Mid-senior level resource to understand XM feed files from linux host.

·         No new coding to be done, need to send data to Sybase database.

·         Modify the connection string using Perl libraries and pointing data to Oracle database.

·         Not looking for Linux administrator

·         This person will be working on the Dev environment, will work with PROD team



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