Job Description :
Oracle Enterprise Manager Administrator

– Job Description

We are looking for an Expert in OEM. Alternatively the candidate should have be an experienced Oracle DBA with EXTENSIVE coding experience and an understanding of OEM. Ensure resumes are updated to focus more of the OEM Admin experience and coding experience.

Required Experience:

Please be prepared to discuss in detail examples.

· Extensive coding experience with database and Unix

· Extensive shell & SQL scripting experience

· Extensive programming & automation experience

· Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. . 13.4 is a plus

· Unix environment experience

· RAC and Data Guard experience through OEM

· Exadata administration experience through OEM

· Zero Data Loss & Recovery Appliance administration experience through OEM is a plus

· OEM provisioning experience

· Lifecycle/Change Management Pack experience

· Cloud Management Pack experience

· OEM diagnostics experience

· OEM Information Publisher experience

· Building Custom Dashboards

· Experience customizing OEM

· Experience with OEM enhancements

Required Qualifications:

· Minimum 4-7 years of experience

· Excellent Communication Skills

· Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) preferred

Team Culture:

Our team is fast paced, fun, highly energetic, motivated and hardworking. We expect our candidates to be integrated into our results-driven and solution-oriented culture from the get-go. Our team attains high-quality results on challenging projects; the belief that outcomes are linked to one's effort rather than chance and the tendency to personally set challenging yet realistic goals