Job Description :
In this hands-on and semi-technical role, you will be helping train and onboard our clients onto the DevOps way of working. This includes enabling teams not just on the processes and culture but also on automation that includes tools like Jenkins, Nexus, Maven, Sonarqube, Docker, and other cloud-native technologies.

Job Responsibilities:
Co-lead a set of workshops with one or more coaches by taking a development team of up to 15 individuals through a DevOps transformation experience (CI, CD, DDD, TDD, BDD, ChatOps)
Work closely with a delivery team to develop good DevOps culture, process, pipeline and platform behaviors
Work with a team of coaches to design, deliver, and improve the workshop/uplift experience by creating new materials and techniques
Frequently observe delivery teams and look for improvement opportunities or better ways to ingrain healthy DevOps practices for longer-term adoption
Lead change to remove impediments (political, financial, mental, social) for the adoption of DevOps at both a team and organizational level

Skills Required:
Modern OO development languages (Java, Python, Ruby, or similar)
Communication Tools (Slack, HipChat, Confluence, or similar)
Scripting languages (bash, shell, ansible, chef, puppet, or similar)
Source Control Management Systems (All major GIT variations)
Ticket/Defect tracking Systems (JIRA, Rally, or similar tools)
Build Systems (Jenkins, Bamboo, or similar tools)
Deployment Automation Systems (Jenkins, Urbancode Deploy, or similar tools)
Automated Testing/Quality (SonarQube, Cucumber, JUnit, and similar tools)

Excellent and precise interpersonal skills
5+ years aggregate development experience
2+ years of growing/mentoring engineers as an Agile and/or DevOps coach
1+ years of work in the DevOps, CI/CD space (pipelines, IaC, Test automation)
1+ years of working in agile, lean, or iterative teams
1+ years in Management Consulting, Investment Banking, or equivalent work is a plus

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