Job Description :

Following are the key responsibilities:

§  Architect, lead and deliver mobile device management solutions with an expert understanding for implementing mobile capabilities and solutions for both iOS, Android

§  Developing Proof of Concept (POC)

§  Logical and Component Architecture Diagrams

§  Technology Standards and Assurance Group (TSAG) Requests

§  Technical Roadmaps

§  Participate in Ecosystem Architecture Review (EAR) Meetings, Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions

§  Monitoring business runway sessions to identify architectural impacts created from new business

§  and program objectives

§  Providing estimates in response to program Intake Requests

§  Driving the intentional architectural designs necessary to support those objectives.

§  Facilitating architectural runway management sessions to foster innovation, information sharing, coordination, and cooperation among partners.

§  Identifying architecturally significant designs requiring InfoSec, Enterprise, or Infrastructure Architecture consultation

§  Managing the architecture Kanban board including the prioritization of both emergent and intentional architecture designs (documented as enabler stories in CA Agile Central).

§  Informing business owners on a periodic basis as to the “State of the Architecture Ecosystem.

Required Skills:
·         Thorough understanding of OOP, design patterns, iOS, Android, and enterprise in mobile application integration

·         Experience with Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution

·         Expertise in iOS, Android, JS, and other mobile frameworks/accelerators

·         Experience in working SAFe Agile based initiatives

·         Hands-On development experience in Android Studio, Android SDK, JSON, GSON, SQLite

·         Experience on web services integration (REST) and JSON and XML parsing.

·         Implementation experience of plug-ins (AlamoFire, AMPopTip, BRYXBanner, Crashlytics , Fabric, Firebase, FirebaseAnalytics, FirebaseAnalyticsInterop, FirebaseMessaging, FirebaseRemoteConfig, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleUtilities, GoogleUtilitiesLegacy, INTULocationManager,KeyChainAccess, nanopb, NVActivityIndicatorView, Protobuf, ReachibilitySwift, RNCryptor, RZTransitions, SCLAlertView,SwiftyJSON, UIColor_Hex_Swift, XLPagerTabStrip etc..)

·         Experience on GIT and Agile methodology.

·         Experience with Android SDK, Gradle and Android framework level.

·         Experience in implementing android push notification on mobile devices.

·         Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are necessary.

Key Technologies:

ActivePerl, Acxiom, AngularJS / Angular, Apache, Firebase, GnuPG, Google Analytics, Google Recaptch, Java, Liferay, NodeJS, OAuth 1.0, PingFederate, Ruby, Sitecore, Swift, Tomcat, Xcode, TLS 1.2, Acoustic/Sliverpop, Postfix, Artifactory, Cucumber/serenity, Github, Apigee


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