Job Description :

Understand and manage inter component/ module dependencies and do continuous re-planning and reprioritization as required.
Should be able to support and enhance a Federal Data services Hub application built using Mark logic and nodes in Linux AWS cloud environment coordinating upgrades patches troubleshooting etc.
Support metadata or content integration with disparate sources and target applications
Monitoring and tuning of the MarkLogic environment to achieve optimal performance
Future application development on top of the MarkLogic infrastructure
Ability to work independently with a strong focus on problem solving and identification of system issues that can lead to an optimized process or workflow
Demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to help resolve a wide range of issues

Required Skills:

NoSQL database design and principles (specifically as it applies to MarkLogic)
Strong experience on development using XQuery, XML and XSLT in MarkLogic
Strong knowledge in MarkLogic content ingestion & transformation techniques
Strong knowledge in MarkLogic search APIs and features
Experience with XML schema/content modeling in MarkLogic
Experience in implementing MarkLogic application deployment framework using Roxy or Gradle
Experience in tools like Data Hub Framework, MLCP, Corb, XQSync
Knowledge on semantic triples storage and query within MarkLogic
Deep knowledge of MarkLogic performance/scaling concepts and tuning best practices
Knowledge of Cluster administration and management as well as architecting, designing and implementing software solutions
Range index and other required indexes
Cluster configuration
Knowledge on deploying, managing and developing with MarkLogic clusters : Replication and Fail-over
Be motivated to understand, identify, acquire, and analyze data from multiple sources.
Have excellent communication skills (written and verbal), statistical, and organizational skills.
Be able to adapt quickly in handling multiple and re-prioritized deadlines and project goals.
Provide guidance to clients on the implementation of operational data hubs on the MarkLogic Platform
Deep knowledge of configurations, settings, etc.
Ability to quickly diagnose and triage production issues and recommend an appropriate path forward
Experience with JSON or XML data modeling
MarkLogic development, XML, XQuery and XPath
XCCXDBC server http server
Desired Skills:

Experience with Javascript, Java, C+, .NET, or other programming languages.
Lambda services
Health care experience.
Agile and scrum Methodology.

Education/Experience Level:

Any Bachelors or Masters degree with a minimum 5 years of experience with MarkLogic development
At least 3 years of experience with MarkLogic administration
1-2 years of experience in an AWS cloud environment EC2, EBS and S3

Client : Spark Soft