Job Description :
Recent development experience with IBM® Mainframe Assembly language (10 years minimum) for System Z.
Recent experience with command-level IBM® Customer Information Control System (CICS©) (10 years minimum)
application programming and CICS APIs
Recent experience with COBOL (5 years minimum)
Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology, Computer Science or equivalent years of demonstrated
work experience.
In-depth experience/knowledge of the Systems Development Life-cycle (SDLC
Strong analytical, planning and technical problem solving skills.
Advanced experience/knowledge in IBM© Mainframe systems, workflow and procedural analysis.
Demonstrated ability to prioritize, plan, and organize tasks.
Demonstrated interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
Effective research, analytical and problem solving skills.
Effective skills in resolving conflicting requests and meeting changing requirements.
Working knowledge of CICS inter-transaction affinities related to data passage and synchronization.
Familiarity with the concepts of above the line and below the line storage. Aware of the unique requirements of a
program that resides below the line and why it is so important to make programs reside above the line and utilize
storage above the line or at least tolerate storage above the line.

Familiarity with CICS in a CICSPLEX or parallel SYSPLEX.
Understanding of the IBM® Mainframe Assembler Concept 14 macros set add-on product.
Experience developing Threadsafe programs and identifying issues that would make programs non-Threadsafe.
Working knowledge of the Serena® ChangeMan© ZMF source packaging/management tool.
Ability to lead independent teams, exercise initiative and use good judgement.

Client : Federal client