Job Description :
Job Role: Tech Lead – IOS and Android
Job Location: San Jose, CA
Job Duration: Long term

Skills Required:
7+ years of mobile development experience (Android and iOS)
Thorough understanding of Xcode, Java, Kotlin, Swift and Objective-C
Knowledge of multi-threaded, asynchronous code
Knowledge of design patterns such as MVC and MVVM
Experienced with API design and integration.
Knowledge of HTTP/REST principles, networking, performance, latency, caching, authentication, and security.
Expert in testing including writing Unit and Automation tests, and test driven development.
Should be comfortable in leading near and off shore teams
Experience with making REST calls over the network and ideally experience with GraphQL is a plus
Experience with JavaScript, either in a browser or server side environment such as NodeJS is a plus
Roles And Responsibilities:
Be passionate about working with Android, iOS and programming in general
Work closely with the Product and Design teams to convert ideas, designs, and requirements into production builds using Agile processes
Design and oversee solutions for specific use cases that provide frameworks, interfaces, and services that can be extended and reused for future requirements
Lead architecture discussions and code reviews to constantly find the best solutions - innovating and embracing the latest technologies where appropriate
Understand and meet business needs with respect to performance/latency, functionality, scalability, and reliability
Develop and communicate technical processes, standards, and industry best practices to the team
Write code that is designed to be reusable and that can be shared amongst other teams.
This includes understanding which pattern is the best for doing so for a given job
Experience with localization and internationalization
Experience working with notifications and background tasks in apps
Bring product and code improvement ideas to the team
Be willing and able to learn new technologies and programming languages when the need to do so arises
Mentoring less senior engineers on the team in a manner that helps them grow by sharing your experience and wisdom in a way they can understand
Working with other teams and helping to set expectations and boundaries for your team
Care strongly about developing amazing user experiences
Ability to see, notice and address visual inconsistencies such as unequal or insufficient padding, inconsistent shadows and other UI minutiae that are insignificant alone but add up to a lackluster presentation when combined
Able to look at a problem and understand how all the pieces should or could go together and use this knowledge to bring the existing project closer to fruition and success

Client : PayPal