Job Description :
Role details
Full lifecycle development of enhancements to the platform.
Testing of the platform.
Production support of the platform.
Desired skills
10 years hands on core Java development experience
Experience of stakeholder management
Ability to work calmly under pressure with rapidly changing requirements
Strong problem solving skills
SQL experience
Unix experience
Release Comments: Manager feedback:
- JAVA skills are not strong enough or rusty (haven't coded java recently). This is the most important skill.
- We are looking for hands on senior developers with primarily JAVA development, they should have spent the majority of the last 2-3 years working in JAVA. Look beyond developers in finance. The finance skills are not as important as the technical JAVA coding skills.
- I would like the vendors to reconfirm the above for the candidates submitted to date, to avoid wasting time in the interview process. Ideally candidates should be pre-vetted for the above by the vendor.
Interview Process
- We require candidates to come online and write code. The coding challenge is meant to be informative but not impossible.
- Several candidates have not been able to complete this portion due to technical issues, several others have come prepared with the test questions
- This is counterproductive to our search. We need senior hands on developers. We are not looking for team leads/architects that have not been coding in JAVA recently.

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