Job Description :
Work Location: Frisco, TX/ Alpharetta, GA/ Stamford, CT
Key Skills: IVA

Required Skills:
2-5 years related work experience in a corporate setting
Recommend data analysts for this role, not data scientists or computational linguists. IVA analysts work with language and user behavior; they are not expected to know programming languages or code models.
Serve as a primary point of contact on certain assignments/duties
Excellent communication and presentation skills to a wide variety of audiences
An IVA analyst is responsible for the definition and refinement of the knowledge built within an IVA.
This role requires an acute understanding of business priorities and user behavior data to define the appropriate recommendations for improving the overall functionality and performance of the solution.
Candidates must possess an aptitude to learn proprietary software programs and be able to demonstrate their ability to successfully complete training and follow best practices
An analyst is responsible for meeting project deadlines with their deliverables as to not hold up natural language engineering tasks and other project work and communicate their project statuses to the appropriate project managers regularly.
Candidates must communicate to a wide variety of project stakeholders and present their recommendations in an organized and professional manner.
Communication to team members regarding designs and recommendations is also required.