Job Description :
Location: Plano, TX (100% remote OK)
Duration: 6+ Months
Interview: Zoom video call for 30 minutes

IBM Sterling File Gateway contractors. This is infra based, how to install, how it interacts with DB and Network. Installation experience and enhancing the product is critical and required. Clustered environment (not stand alone
Do NOT need the EDI/mapping experience, so if they ONLY have that, it won’t work.
Business Process Development / Sterling Integrator experience.
Have at least 2-5+ years’ experience installing the product, Unix, FSTP, Direct Connect
Project: standing up an instance in another datacenter for resiliency. This is for Enterprise OLAP for files coming in and out of client. Make env active so its aware of other system as well
o Existing team is about 20 people, (8 support, 6 infra and rest are onboarding new partners)
o Helping implement the project, but will won’t be architecting
Only MFT work, do not need the EDI (don’t need people who only do mapping)
Did a recent upgrade. This will be a new instance that mirrors the existing instance and will work in tandem (active/active)
For candidates: Have they installed it, upgraded it, understand clustering (how many nodes, etc
o You want to know if they have MFT experience or EDI or both. Both is OK, only MFT is OK, only EDI is NOT ok.
Should be able to give high level tasks and work on it and install it/configure it, etc.

Job Description:
Client is seeking Sterling File Gateway developer who has 2-5 years’ experience installing, customizing, and supporting a high-volume environment.
Expert knowledge of Business Processes, Encryption (PGP), TLS/SSL, custom protocols, clustering, and SFG /B2B SI architecture is required.
AWS knowledge, automation (Jenkins, Chef, etc, and networking (DNS, Firewalls, etc is preferred.