Job Description :
GCP security Consultant
Job Description:
Required Qualifications:
Red team - Security - offense (Dev focused, pen testing, ability to break
In-depth & hands-on experience with identity and access management,
network security, data protection, cryptography, and penetration testing.
In-depth & hands-on with architecting, developing, or maintaining secure
cloud solutions such as Google Cloud Platform and AWS.
In-depth & hands-on experience with infrastructure automation, secure
software development and application security.
In-depth & hands-on experience with securing Kubernetes and
containerization workloads.
Provide domain expertise in cloud computing security, compliance, and
security best practices.
Understanding of industry compliance and security standards such as PCI
DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 1&2.
Create and deliver security best practices recommendations, tutorials,
blog articles, sample code, and technical presentations adapting to
different levels of key business and technical stakeholders.
Experience with Hashicorp Terraform Enterprise, Hashicorp Vault,
BitBucket, and Jenkins.