Job Description :

Role -DATA Scientist

Status Full Time

Location- REMOTE


  • 7+ years of hands-on experience as a machine learning engineer or data scientist with at least 3 years focused on Natural Language Processing
  • Hands on experience working with large data sets including data cleansing/transformation, statistical analyses, and visualization.
  • Working knowledge of a wide range of machine learning concepts including statistics, Bayesian probability, supervised and unsupervised learning, descriptive data analysis, and deep learning.
  • Experience with NLP techniques such as entity extraction, dependency parsing, co-reference resolution, topic modeling, language modeling, text classification, and transformer networks.
  • Familiarity with open source python NLP and machine learning libraries such as NumPy, SpaCy, scikit-learn, Pandas, Keras, and Tensor flow.
  • Work with the following technologies: GATE, Java, Python, Bash, SPARQL, Graph DB, Git Lab, Maven, Jenkins, Linux, Docker.
  • Strong ability to communicate concepts and analytical results with business, management, and the technical team, highlighting actionable insights.
  • At least 1 year of experience designing and building data-intensive solutions using distributed computing.
  • At least 1 year of Machine Learning experience with an industry recognized machine learning framework (e.g., scikit-learn, PyTorch, Dask, Spark, or Tensor Flow).
  • Handling large-scale data processing and machine learning workloads and distributed systems using cloud native services on one or more Cloud Platforms (GCP, Azure and/or AWS).
  • Understanding of algorithms, data structures and coding standards.
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