Job Description :

FPGA Devops Engineer

Location: MENLO PARK CA (Remote)
Duration: 6+ Months


  • This developer should be experienced working with Linux and windows based operating systems. Familiar with FPGA Development and Simulation tools and operating them through command line or scripted flows.

Minimum Expectation

  • The developer needs to be able to efficiently dig through logs and chase down errors across multiple systems and apply fixes to python/tcl scripted built infrastructure. This requires the following skills.
  • Using linux tools such as grep, find, dmsg, tail, cat etc.
  • Familiarity with using a high-quality text editor or ability to automate more complicated text operations such as search and replace using regular expressions.
  • Our automation code base is primarily composed of object-oriented python, TCL scripting to drive FPGA tools, and bash scripting for quick and dirty hacks.
Social behavior, as this position will be interacting with multiple developers across our org, we are looking for a developer with good communication skills and interest

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