Job Description :


Location: Remote position

Client: Verizon


P1: Design all of the required building blocks with flow of data/objects to support various sizing and shaping requirements.

P1: Design automated HA Configuration for Druid with Load Balancers and for metadata store(mysql / postgresql ) using replica / Active-Active

P3: Develop and conduct failover tests to meet the availability SLAs


P1: Build using the features of Apache Druid to achieve the desired design to meet the business requirements
P1: Define "golden" standard for all database environments and create standard MOPS

P1: Expertise with Orchestration and Automation tools - Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, etc..
P2: K8s and Docker expertise to manage a druid cluster on K8s
P1: Deploy with Ansible automation to manage Apache Druid components and maintain their configurations along with Deep storage/Zookeeper/metadata database configurations


P1: Druid and Zookeeper Security/User Access Control and DB hardening
P3: Create tool to automate user account creation and password management

P3: Design and setup Monitoring and Alerting (varying priority levels)
P3: Deploy NewRelic


P2: Tuning expertise with segment sizing, indexing, roll-ups, partitioning, compaction, compression and query tuning
P2: Build and maintain data retention and compaction schedules per the audit and security

P2: DRUID native query development and tuning skills on top of SQL

P2: Develop and deploy stress testing procedures covering various application functionalities
P3: Druid historical metrics repository to pull Oracle AWR/ASH type reports

P2: Druid troubleshooting graphical workflow; Develop tool to show Druid real-time performance similar to how Spotlight does for SQL Server
P3: Monitoring, support 24*7 and maintain performance of the transitioned production system to meet SLAs

Requisites: Druid Solutions Architecture Certification; Working knowledge of Ansible


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