Job Description :

100% Remote
12 Months
* Experience with browser-based technologies such as JavaScript and Angular
* Experience with AWS Amplify, API Gateway, and .NET Microservices
* Experience with APIs calling API Gateway to obtain data from Microservices
* Experience with writing .NET Microservices
* Experience with creating relational database schemas
* Experience with coding against cloud-based relational databases
* Familiar with end-to-end cloud-based unit and integration testing
* Familiar with cloud-based pipeline deployment strategies
* Familiar with IAM (Identity & Access Management), Secrets Manager, S3 buckets
* Familiar with GitHub and AWS source code control
* Familiar with AWS Event Triggers, AWS Transfer, and FTP protocols
* Write Client-Side AWS Code in JavaScript / Angular or similar
* Call .NET Microservice APIs exposed by API Gateway
* Integrate Dynamic and Static content to produce Workbench web app
* Develop and test .NET Microservice s based code
* Expose .NET web services using API Gateway
* Develop complex relational database schemas
* Develop and run unit and integration test cases
* Setup, configure, and run AWS Transfer and CloudWatch Event Triggers
* Assist in developing code and running AWS pipeline processes


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