Job Description :
We have the below Devops requirement with our client in Dallas, TX. Please email me at .

Title : DevOps Cloud Engineer
Location : Dallas, TX
Duration : Long Term
No of positions : 5

JD :
Hands on experience with AWS VPC infrastructure. (creating and configuring VPC, SUBNETS, NATGATEWAYS, InternetGateways, direct connect

· Automate the process of Dockerized applications provisioning in AWS ECR and ECS.

· Hands on experience in Azure DevOps pipelines CI/CD.

· Minimum 3+ years working experience with Cloud formation templates, terraform.

· Minimum 3 years working experience with Docker containers.

· Minimum 2 years working experience on Kubernetes clusters.

· Hands on experience with Creating IAM users and Policies with writing custom managed policies and using AWS managed policies.

· hands on experience with AWS s3 buckets, bucket policies, Life cycle policies.

· configuration of route 53, ELB, NLB, SSL, AWS certificate managers, AWS secret managers.

· Creating and configuring, managing RDS databases.

· Configuration of ELK with elastic search and lambda functions.

· Log analysis and ing monitoring Kibanna.

· Working knowledge with Azure cloud Arm templates for infrastructure provisioning.

· Experience with shell, python scripting languages