Job Description :
General: Contractor will focus on developing and enhancing Jira and related Jira plug-ins. He or she will
enhance Jira and build integration with other tools and framework and simulations.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement Agile process workflow in Jira.
- Partner with internal teams and implement solutions for project migration, Jira onboarding, and
feature enhancement.
- Enhance applications and address security issues.
- Perform system upgrades and maintenance for virtual platforms.
- Develop applications for DevOps CI/CD integration.
- Provide progress reporting using Jira and Confluence.
Required Skills and Experience:
- Understand Agile methodology and DevOps CI/CD process.
- Jira administration skills including managing permissions, customizing fields, and workflow.
- Experience in application server installation and configuration, performance and backup.
- Experience in integration of DevOps CI/CD tools with Confluence, Jenkins, GitLab.
- System engineering skills in Linux and windows server administration, VMware platform
installation and configuration, and databases (MS SQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL
- Experience in blade system and storage management.
- Experience in software development with Python, REST API, and Jira and Zephyr API.
- Good communication and collaboration skills.
- Accountable and self-motivated.
Preferred Additional Skills and Experience:
- Experience in virtual software applications, SDN/NFL.
- Experience with Robot, Ansible.
- Experience in wireless development, 4G/5G, VoLTE.
- Experience with container deployment, Docker and Kubernetes

Ajay Kaki
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