Job Description :
Job Description
Role: Development Support Engineer
Location: US
Positions: 2
Preferred Qualification
Must Have

o Experience with C#, PowerShell and/or Python
o Debugging & troubleshooting experience
o Ability to read scripting languages
o Software Dev and Test experience with Windows and Linux
based systems especially console, ssh, rdp
o Ability to learn new technologies and tool sets
o Excellent communications skills and "bedside manner"

Nice to Have
o Knowledge and experience in high scale, highly available
(99.99+) systems
o Jenkins admin experience
o Excellent problem-solving skills
o Experience with MVC and/or HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Join Level 1 rotation within normal business hours in US time zone.
Utilize Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to assist/answer
developer requests for admin service, answering their how-to
questions, and triaging issues
Answer requests on Slack, automatically opening Jira tickets for each
Do standard health-checks on the overnight deployment runs, raising
incidents as needed
Perform initial triage and diagnosis of incident requests
Close those tickets that can be answered and attributing Root Cause for
the requests
Escalate those tickets that can't be answered to the L2 Rotation
Write high quality scripts that are easy to maintain and test as needed
to make the L1 work more efficient
Build and maintain metrics for the environment and for nightly test

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