Job Description :
Key skill required for DCA (SA+OO+DMA+BVD) as under

1. Micro Focus Server Automation - Tool
- Good understanding of Operating system,
- Expert in using and creating polices in Server Automation
- Architecting, Configuring and implementing Server Automation

2. Micro Focus Operations Orchestration - Tool
- Using OO creating workflows
- architecture, configuring and creating workflows in OO

Leveraging OO to create integration point with SA and other automation tools

3.MF BVD (Business Value Dashboard) - Not Critical but good to have

- knowledge of BVD is plus
- Ability to create Dashboard is plus.

4. MF Database and Middleware automation - is a plus not mandatory
- using DMA for patching and configs of DB.
- Knowledge of either MS-SQL or Oracle db a must.