Job Description :


Data Modeler Role and Responsibilities


Candidates must complete the below Skills Matrix

List year of experience you have with each of the below qualifications

List each company from your resume where skills were used or gained

• Develop, optimize, and administer Tabular Models in 'Azure Analysis service'



• Develop cubes and develop complex calculations, Aggregations, implementing a dynamic security model using DAX functions in - Azure Analysis service



• Extensively used performance monitor/SQL profiler/DMVs to solve deadlocks, to monitor long-running queries and trouble-shoot cubes SQL and T-SQL.



• Experience in AAS Data Model Development, AAS Data model Deployment, Querying and Transforming data in AAS to build Reports.



• Design and Create AAS/Tabular cubes and automate processes for analytical needs.



•  Writing optimized SQL queries for integration with other applications, maintain data quality and overseeing Tabular model security and Partitions



• Designing database tables and structures, creating views functions and stored procedures.



• Develop Power BI reports and perform data analysis.



• Experience in writing Teradata query and navigating in Teradata database.



Education Details:  Name of College or University

Degree Earned and Year of Graduation



List any certifications



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