Job Description :
We are looking for a Full-time contractor or employee for a Data Architect role.
The Information Technology (IT) Applications, Medicaid/CHIP Systems (IT-MCS) team has initiated the MCS – Contract Administration & Provider Monitoring (CAPM) Tool Replacement project. This project will develop a database driven web portal application, replacing a series of Microsoft Excel workbooks to enhance contract monitoring and reporting Provider performance. Knowledge and experience in Oracle database design, development, performance optimization, reporting, testing, defect root cause analysis, troubleshooting, Agile development methodology, and systems architecture documentation. Support a web portal application development team utilizing Oracle versions 11x and 12x. Available for on-call support as needed. Other duties as assigned and required by the unit operations.
  • Experience with Oracle 11x, 12x and later versions
  • Experience in writing SQL for relational databases
  • Experience designing, developing, and supporting Oracle databases
  • Experience troubleshooting and performance tuning Oracle
  • Experience creating new databases, writing stored procedures, writing views, managing database security, developing reports, and ad-hoc queries
  • Experience documenting database design, processes, and interfaces
  • Experience supporting application development on J2EE and WebSphere platform
  • Experience working with project teams utilizing Agile project management principles/methodology
  • Experience working with customers to document and implement data and reporting requirements

  • Experience with Texas Health and Human Services or other State Agency

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